Benefits Of Daily Writing Routine & Why It May Not Be For You

When I began to write, I wrote only when I felt like writing. One day, I read that if I ever want to become a real writer, I must write every day. At the time, I wrote only a couple of times a week at most.

I was filled with the urge to write daily but found out it didn’t work for my creative writing. However, it worked for writing down my random thoughts. Once I embraced daily writing as a routine, it became an integral part of me.

This doesn’t mean that I get a perfect 365 day writing streak in a year, it means that I make it a point of duty to write everyday. Any day I missed writing, it would be due to situation beyond my control.

I don’t support the notion that real writers write every day, even though I once believed it. That you don’t write every day,  doesn’t mean that you are a lame writer. Everyone who puts down useful words on a blank page is a real writer and should feel like one. So, do not feel guilty or hopeless if writing daily doesn’t work for you

The benefits of daily writing routine outweigh the drawbacks, yet those drawbacks can overwhelm you and force you to rethink daily writing as a routine. The big question is, does daily writing routine work for you? If it does, you can work through the rest of the drawbacks and embrace the practice.


– Daily Writing Routine can sharpen your writing skill .

You master the art by constant practice, isn’t it? The consistency of daily writing does help in a way you may never imagine. When you begin to write daily, you will discover that your writing is refined day after day and the more you keep on with it, the better you become at it.

– Writing daily becomes a part of you

Although this takes time to happen, you will find out that writing daily becomes a part of you – like your second nature. It comes to you naturally. I will give example with sleeping and waking up. These two can be hard but when you form the habit of sleeping at 8 pm and waking up by 4 am everyday for example, for one or two months, your system gets used to it. It means that without much effort from your end, you can actually sleep and wake up at the exact time.

That’s exactly how your system gets used to writing daily after some time. You will begin to enjoy writing everyday and any day you fail to write, you feel that you are missing something. This is good for you because the consistency in your writing helps to make it easy and a must.

–  There is noticeable writing progress

Nothing motivates you more than the realization that you are making continuous progress in your writing. You work harder when you experience success and daily writing can bring huge gain. Seeing the progress helps you to work harder to make more and more progress. If you are writing a book, following a daily writing routine is highly recommended.

– Procrastination becomes a thing of the past

This I think is the best best for me. This is one of the reasons why I started writing everyday. I was among those who waited for the time when they felt like writing. I waited for the great inspiration before writing.

I began to write daily and noticed those excuses were not enough reason to stop me from writing daily.

Procrastination can limit your writing and slow down your progress while writing daily as a routine can push you to write even when you don’t feel like doing so.


–  Daily writing as a routine does not work for every writer and may not work for you.

May be you have busy schedule or you don’t just buy the idea of following a routine for your wriing. You like to write anytime you want to write, then you may decide to forget about daily writing as a routine.

If you can train yourself to get used to it, fine and good, if after trying it fails to work, then, as I said before, there is nothing you can do than to follow what works well for you.

– Daily Writing  is hard to keep up with

When I started writing daily, it was hard keep doing so initially. It wasn’t funny at all. I had to give  myself a daily writing challenge during which I wrote microfiction everyday for thirty days. You know what, I woke up everyday and wrote those words. This very challenge helped me to overcome the difficulty and I continued writing everyday from then.

You may decide to edit your draft or rewrite your writing as a part of your daily writing routine – they are all part of it. If you keep this up for some time, it becomes a lot easier.

Does daily writing routine work for you? If not what works for you? Please share with us in the comment below.

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